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Wanted Golf Merchandise

Pre-Owned Used Golf Merchandise For Sale-Save Money on Golf Supplies

We have used golf clubs, used golf bags, used golf balls and golf accessories for sale. Save money and buy your used golf equipment at Pinecraft Golf Shop in Sarasota, Florida.

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I BUY GOLF CLUBS - Sarasota, Florida sarasota golf

Buying Brand Name Golf Clubs & Gear

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Vintage Golf Memorabilia

PINECRAFT GOLF SHOP is always looking for collectible vintage golf memorabilia. Whether you have a vintage club like an old Scotty Cameron putter, a Ping Scottsdale putter or Masters badges/memorabilia we'd like to strike a deal with you. We want to buy your golf clubs, collectibles and memorabilia! Get an appraisal here for only $9.99! Or, just give us a call at (941) 706-4396.

Hickory Shaft Golf Clubs

We love to collect, buy and sell antique golf clubs. Starting with the pre 1890 smooth faced irons and long nosed woods going all the way to the end of the wood shaft era, there are numerous varieties of hickory golf clubs that collectors value. Many of these golf clubs were manufactured in Scotland and England with names like Tom Stewart, D. McEwan & Son, H Philp, James McEwan, Robert Forgan, R. White, John Gray, Alex Carrick and Archibald Carrick, just to name a few.

Golf Collectibles and Antiques

There are many different kinds of golf collectibles and antiques. Items can range from old golf balls to vintage instructional aides and practice items to golf prints or paintings, ceramics, literature, autographs, cigarette cards, golf toys, golf games and more.

Signed Golf Photos, Prints & Autographed Balls

Signed photos, prints, or other signed golf memorabilia will usually require paperwork to authenticate the legitimacy of the signed item. However, in certain cases we will obviously forego any requirement of paperwork if the autograph is recognized as legitimate by one of our experts.

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