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We have used golf clubs, used golf bags, used golf balls and golf accessories for sale. Save money and buy your used golf equipment at Pinecraft Golf Shop in Sarasota, Florida.

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I BUY GOLF CLUBS - Sarasota, Florida sarasota golf

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Sell Your TaylorMade Golf Clubs/Appraisals

Looking to sell your TaylorMade golf clubs or just need an appraisal? Pinecraft Golf Shop buys iron sets, drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, wedges, putters, golf memorabilia and larger lots of golf merchandise.

Please pay for your appraisal then fill out the form below to get an appraisal sent to your email address. Appraisal fee is refunded if we buy your golf clubs. Appraisals at the shop are free of charge.

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Used TaylorMade Golf Supplies

We have an assortment of used TaylorMade golf supplies for sale and for rent.

Wanted TaylorMade Golf Clubs

TaylorMade Drivers

200 Steel 300 300 Tour 320 320 Tour 360 Burner 2 Burner 2009 Burner 2009 TP Burner 420 Burner 460 Burner 460 Draw Burner 460 TP Burner Bubble Burner Superfast Burner Superfast 2.0 Burner Superfast 2.0 TP Burner Superfast TP Firesole Firesole Ti Offset M1 Miscela Miscela 2006 Pittsburgh Persimmon R11 R11 TP R360 XD r5 Dual r5 Dual TP r5 XL 460 R510 R510 TP R540 R540 XD R580 R580 XD R580W r7 425 r7 425 TP r7 460 r7 460 TP r7 cgb MAX r7 Draw r7 Limited r7 Limited TP r7 quad r7 quad HT r7 SuperQuad r7 SuperQuad TP Black r7 TP R9 R9 460 R9 460 TP R9 Superdeep TP R9 Supertri R9 Supertri TP R9 TP SuperSteel SuperSteel 250 SuperSteel Offset System 2 System 2 Midsize Titanium Bubble Titanium Bubble 2 Titanium Bubble 2 Forged Tour Burner Tour Burner TP

TaylorMade Fairway Woods & Hybrids

200 Steel 300 300 Tour Burner 2 Burner Bubble Burner High Launch Burner Rescue Burner Rescue High Launch Burner Rescue Tour Launch Burner Steel Burner Superfast Burner Superfast 2.0 Burner SuperFast 2.0 Rescue Burner Superfast 2.0 TP Burner Superlaunch Rescue Burner Ti Burner Tour Launch Burner TP Firesole Firesole Rescue Firesole Tour M1 Miscela Miscela 2006 Miscela Rescue Miscela Rescue 2006 Pittsburgh Persimmon R11 R11 Ti R11 TP r5 Dual r5 XL r5 XL Hybrid R580 R580 XD r7 cgb MAX r7 CGB MAX Rescue r7 Draw r7 Draw Rescue Hybrid r7 Steel r7 Ti r7 TP R9 R9 TP Raylor Raylor 2010 Rescue Rescue 2009 Rescue 2011 Rescue 2011 TP Rescue Dual Rescue Dual TP Rescue Mid Rescue Mid TP Rescue TP Rescue TP 2009 Retro Raylor Retro Tour Spoon SuperSteel System 2 System 2 Midsize Titanium Bubble Titanium Bubble 2 Tour Cleek V Steel

TaylorMade Irons

200 Steel 300 320 360 360 XD Burner 1.0 Burner 2.0 Burner 2009 Burner HT Burner LCG Burner Midsize Burner Oversize Burner Plus Burner Superlaunch Burner Superlaunch Rescue Burner Tour Burner XD EL-1 F81 Firesole Firesole Tour ICW 11 ICW 5 Iron Cleek KVD LCG Miscela Miscela 2006 PR 1 R11 r5 XL r7 r7 cgb MAX r7 cgb MAX 2008 r7 Draw r7 Draw Rescue Hybrid r7 TP r7 XD R9 R9 TP RAC CGB RAC Forged CB TP RAC HT RAC LT RAC LT 2005 RAC MB RAC MB TP RAC MB TP Smoke RAC OS RAC OS 2005 RAC TP 2005 RAC TP Combo SuperSteel Titanium Bubble 2 Tour Burner Tour Preferred Tour Preferred 2009 Tour Preferred CB Tour Preferred MB Tour Preferred MC X-300 FCI

TaylorMade Putters

Classic 79 TM-110 Classic 79 TM-180 Classic 79 TM-210 Classic 79 TM-340 Classic 79 TM-770 Classic 79 TM-880 Corza Ghost 2011 Corza Ghost Belly 2011 Corza Ghost CS 2011 Corza Ghost Long 2011 Ghost Spider Ghost Spider Belly Ghost Spider Center Shaft Ghost TM-110 Tour Ghost TM-770 Tour Ghost TM-880 Tour Indy Ghost NC 0 NC 1 NC 2 NC 3 NC 4 NC Burner Nubbins B1 Nubbins B11 Nubbins B15 Nubbins B3 Nubbins B5 Nubbins B7 Nubbins B9 Nubbins M2 Nubbins M4 Nubbins M6 Nubbins M8 Pro-Formance 105 ROHO ROHO II ROHO III Rossa Barcelona Sport 1 Rossa CGB Daytona 1 Rossa CGB Daytona 1 2005 Rossa CGB Fontana Rossa CGB Fontana 7 Rossa CGB Lambeau 7 2005 Rossa CGB Maranello 4 Rossa CGB Modena 8 Rossa CGB Sebring 3 2005 Rossa CGB Siena 4 Rossa CGB Suzuka 2005 Rossa Classic Daytona 1 AGSI+ Rossa Classic Imola 8 AGSI+ Rossa Classic Modena 8 AGSI+ Rossa Classic Monte Carlo 7 AGSI+ Rossa Classic Siena 4 AGSI+ Rossa Core Classics Daytona AGSI+ Rossa Core Classics Fontana AGSI+ Rossa Core Classics Lambeau AGSI+ Rossa Core Classics Suzuka AGSI+ Rossa Corza 1 AGSI+ Rossa Corza Ghost Rossa Corzina AGSI+ Rossa Daytona 1 Ghost Rossa Daytona Sport 1 Rossa Daytona Sport 2 Rossa Daytona Sport 6 Rossa Daytona Sport 8 Rossa Daytona Tour 1-02 Rossa Daytona Tour 5-02 Rossa Fontana Sport 7 Rossa Fontana Sport Rossa Fontana Tour 4-02 Rossa Imola Sport 1 Rossa Imola Tour 6-01 Rossa Indy Sport 1 Rossa Indy Sport 2 Rossa Indy Sport 6 Rossa Indy Tour 4-02 Rossa Indy Tour 6-02 Rossa Inza AGSI+ Rossa Lambeau Sport 3 Rossa Lambeau Sport 7 Rossa Lemans Tour 5-02 Rossa Long Beach Mid Sport 7 Rossa Long Beach Sport Rossa Maranello Sport 2 Rossa Maranello Tour 1-02 Rossa Maranello Tour 8-01 Rossa Mezza Monza Rossa Mezza Monza AGSI Rossa Mezza Monza Center Rossa Modena Tour Rossa Monaco Sport 1 Rossa Monaco Tour 5-01 Rossa Monza Rossa Monza Center-Shaft Rossa Monza Corza Rossa Monza Corza 1 Rossa Monza Corza Center Rossa Monza Corza Mid Rossa Monza Itsy Bitsy Spider Rossa Monza Itsy Bitsy Spider DB Rossa Monza Long Rossa Monza Mid Rossa Monza Spider Rossa Monza Spider Balero Rossa Monza Spider Belly Rossa Monza Spider Vicino Rossa Raylor Sport Rossa Sebring Sport 1 Rossa Sebring Sport 3 Rossa Sebring Tour 4-02 Rossa Tourismo 3 AGSI+ Rossa Tourismo CS AGSI+ Rossa Tourismo DB AGSI+ Rossa TP Daytona Rossa TP Daytona 1-02 Rossa TP Daytona by Kia Ma 2010 Rossa TP Fontana by Kia Ma 2010 Rossa TP Imola Rossa TP Imola 6-02 Rossa TP Maranello Rossa TP Maranello 8-01 Rossa TP Maranello 8-02 Rossa TP Modena 4-02 Rossa TP Monaco Rossa TP Monaco by Kia Ma 2010 Rossa TP Monte Carlo Rossa TP Siena 4-02 Tour Preferred TM 100 Tour Preferred TM 110 Tour Preferred TM 120 Tour Preferred TM 200 Tour Preferred TM 210 Tour Preferred TM 600 TPA 1 TPA 2 TPA 3 TPA 4 TPA 5 TPA 8 TPi 21 TPi 22 TPi 23 TPi 24 TPi 25 TPi 26 TPi 27 TPi 28 TPi 29

TaylorMade Wedges

Point & Shoot RAC Black RAC Black TP RAC chrome RAC Fe2 O3 RAC Nickel RAC Satin Tour RAC Satin TP RAC Z TP Tour Tour Performance TP xFT

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